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The Institute has a wide range of resources, some of which are only available to members, as can be seen on the list to the right. 
Others are available to all visitors to the website. 
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The Institute has a wide range of resources, easy to navigate and access, here you will find a wealth of information. Our resource pages also include overviews of some of the exclusive member resources.

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Be Involved

  • Preparing for a Public Consultation

    02 December 2015, ETC Maple House, Birmingham, B4 6TB
  • Consultation Before & After

    03 December 2015, tCI HQ, Biggleswade, SG18 8AL
  • Better Data Analysis for Public Consultation

    08 December 2015, tCI HQ Biggleswade, SG18 8AL

The Art of Consultation

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    This book is essential reading for everyone involved in consultation. Over ten thousand public servants in the UK and many others in other sectors engage in formal consultations. Its time their efforts were celebrated, and their challenges properly addressed.

Briefing Papers

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